About BOLP Laser Tag

You dont have to come to us for the fun we can bring the fun right to you...
be sure to check out our travaling lasertag!

Paintball laser tag is like playing regular paintball but without the paint. The laser unit attaches right to a paintball marker and senses and records "hits". Each time a player gets a hit on another player the laser system announces it to all players in range. All of the equipment syncs with our computer, keeping track of wins and losses. Different games can be played just as in real paintball, capture the flag, free for all, etc.

With paintball laser tag there is no hassle of wearing special gear or clothing. No goggles, no paint, no pain, no mess. Paintball laser tag is especially nice for younger children interested in paintball (ages 8 and up) but perhaps not quite ready for the real paintball experience.

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